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Andorra - London - Panama

We offer a paymaster service to individuals, corporations, governments and companies on a domestic and international market. 

Our independence as neutral  independent third party located in the heart of the principality of Andorra and in London guarantee you a high level of confidentiality during your transaction.

Our paymaster service is offer thru our private bank located in the Principality of Andorra, which guarantee you a high level of security, reliability and confidence during the transaction.

Furthermore, be informed that our private bank used for our paymaster service has one of the highest solvability & liquidity ratio in Europe.

Alternatively, we can also offer our paymaster & fiduciary service through our HSBC bank account in UK (Listed Top 5 world Bank) & our wholly subsidiary company in London (United Kingdom).

We also offer an offshore paymaster service upon request (informations below) specially dedicated to offshore transactions.

For reminder, the paymaster is not party to the transaction. Part of the paymaster's job is to insure & secure the payment of the funds & commissions to each party (trader, broker, intermediary, buyer, seller,...) involved in the transaction.

No fixed fees, No minimum feesWe do not charge fixed fees upon validation of the transaction (due diligence). Our fees for the paymaster service are only based on the volume (amount) of the transaction and the complexity of the transaction (between 0,3% and 5%, as detailed below ).

Why use our Paymaster service ?

Over the years, at TransAlpha financial, we have develop our paymaster service offer in order to provide you a high level of client's service thru our private bank's network, which have been selected for their high level of security, liquidity and confidentiality.

We entertain a professional relation based on confidentiality and trust. We highly understand the importance of holding funds in trust and ensuring that funds will arrive at the proper destination, with a high respect of your instructions for a proper disbursement of the funds.

For further informations regarding the procedures, due diligence (compliance) and documents needed to use and enter into a transaction by using our paymaster service, please contact us thru our contact page.

For further informations regarding our fees and needed documents to establish the potential paymaster agreement, please contact directly our Andorra or London Office. Basically, to appreciate feasibility of your transaction, we well need the following informations to begin:

  • What is your exact position in the transaction: are you the sender, receiver or intermediary?

  • What is the purpose of the transaction ?
  • What is the volume of funds ?

  • What country and what bank are the funds held in actually ?

  • Is it a one time transaction or do you plan on periodical transactions ?

  • Who is the sender of the funds? (Individual ? Company ? Who ? Where ?)

Once we have these informations, we will be able to inform you about the documents which will be request by the compliance department of the bank we will use.

As reminder, we only use private banks with already opened account at our name as paymaster and fiduciary. These banks with who we are working with, have been selected by us depending of 3 main criteria:

  • Liquidity ratio: All the banks we are working with have one of the highest liquidity ratio of Europe, 

  • Confidentiality level,

  • Security level

Offshore Paymaster service:

Additionally, in order to meet the growing demand from our customers for offshore transactions, we have developp a paymaster service thru our offshore divison in Panama. Our Paymaster service in Panama is handle thru one of the most capitalizing and secure bank of Panama as per Fitch rating (2019 report).

Alternatively, this service also allow you to proceed to anonymous transfers and invesments. In this case, the potential transaction will be realized on our behalf as per the paymaster agreement instructions (including disbursments & funds' management). - Our standart rate is not applicable for this service -

Our Paymaster service thru Panama is available for transactions involving a minimum amount from 1,000,000 USD/GBP/EUR

For further informations regarding our Paymaster service thru our Panama bank, please contact directly our Andorra Head office.

Paymaster - Our Paymaster service basis fees:

No fixed fees, no minimum fees - Our Paymaster service fees are only based on a percentage of the received amount (no agreement fees, no legal fees, no documents issuing fees, etc,...).

For a paymaster service involving recurring transactions, please contact us for a quote.

Our fees to use our Paymaster service are establish per tranche as follow:

  • Received amount until 100,000 Euro / USD / GBP: 5%
  • Received amount > 100,000 Euro - 250,000 Euro / USD / GBP: 4%
  • Received amount > 250,000 Euro - 500,000 Euro / USD / GBP: 3%
  • Received amount > 500,000 - 1,000,000 Euro / USD / GBP: 2,5%
  • Received amount > 1,000,000 - 10,000,000 Euro / USD / GBP: 2%
  • Received amount > 10,000,000 - 15,000,000 Euro / USD / GBP: 1,0 %
  • Received amount > 15,000,000 - 20,000,000,000 Euro / USD : GBP: 0,6 %
  • Received amount > 20,000,000,000 Euro / USD / GBP: 0,3 %

Paymaster service & account opening assistance:

For clients using our Paymaster service, we have developp an account opening assistance. Once we have received your funds thru our paymaster service, we can assist you to open a corporate or Individual Bank account in order to received your own funds in a Top Rated and high ratio liquidity Bank. 

This service is exclusively dedicated to the clients using our Paymaster service once we have received your funds. We don't provide account opening assistance to external client.

For further informations regarding our paymaster service, don't hesitate to contact one of our offices.

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