Paymaster service - Our answers to your questions:

Who can use your paymaster service & escrow service ? 

Our Paymaster service & escrow service can be used by domestic and international individuals, corporations, companies, associations and governments.

Is there a minimum amount to use your paymaster service ?

Regarding our traditional paymaster service, we actually consider transactions with a global involved amount of minimum  50,000 USD/EUR/GBP. Disbursed amount to involved parties (individual our companies) can be less.

Our offshore paymaster service thru Panama can be used for transaction involving a received amount from min. 1,000,000 USD.

Are there any restrictions regarding funds country's origin ?

Please contact us directly regarding sanctioned countries as the situation often evoluate and we regularly have alternative solutions.

How secure are my funds when using your paymaster service & paymaster account ?

Once received, each client's funds are secured on a dedicated escrow account (each client have a separated dedicated escrow account) until disbursement as per your intructions. We don't use third party account, which guarantee you a high security and confidentiality level. 

As reminder, in order to guarantee you the highest confidentiality & security level, we have opened our paymaster accounts and escrow accounts in our selected network of private banks and top banks. We are only using top 5 world bank or private banks with high liquidy ratio (one of the highest in Europe).

What is your Paymaster service basis fees ?

No fixed fees, no minimum fees - Our Paymaster service fees are only based on a percentage of the received amount (no agreement fees, no legal fees, no documents issuing fees, etc,...).

For a paymaster service involving recurring transactions, please contact us for a quote.

Our fees to use our Paymaster service are establish per tranche as follow:

  • Received amount until 100,000 Euro / USD / GBP: 5%
  • Received amount > 100,000 Euro - 250,000 Euro / USD / GBP: 4%
  • Received amount > 250,000 Euro - 500,000 Euro / USD / GBP: 3%
  • Received amount > 500,000 - 1,000,000 Euro / USD / GBP: 2,5%
  • Received amount > 1,000,000 - 10,000,000 Euro / USD / GBP: 2%
  • Received amount > 10,000,000 - 15,000,000 Euro / USD / GBP: 1,0 %
  • Received amount > 15,000,000 - 20,000,000,000 Euro / USD : GBP: 0,6 %
  • Received amount > 20,000,000,000 Euro / USD / GBP: 0,3 %

Is there aditionnal fees ?

No, our fees are only based on the global transaction amount (received amount). We don't charge any fees for compliance, due diligence, etc,....

What activities can use your paymaster or escrow service ?

The main activities we are working with (but not limited to), are:

- Real estate,

- Commodities (seller, trader, broker, buyer),

- Financial, funder & investor, 

- Government, 

- Financial instruments providers,

- Hedge funds.

Further activities upon request.

In which currencies can you receive my funds ?

We can immediately receive USD / GBP / EUR. Further currencies upon request.

How much time do you need to proceed to disbursement ?

Disbursements are made within 24 hours (banking days)  after bank's compliance regarding incoming funds / transfer.

Regarding our escrow service, your funds are held in accordance with the agreement's instructions.

Do you offer an anonymous transfer or anonymous investment solution ?

Please refer to our paymaster service and offhsore paymaster service solutions here

Where are you located ?

Our main office is located in the city of Andorra-La-Vella, Principality of Andorra. We also have a representative office thru our London's division & Panama.

Do you provide account opening assitance ? 

For clients using our Paymaster service, we have developp an account opening assistance ( for corporate and individual)

This service is exclusively dedicated to the clients using our Paymaster service once we have received your funds.

We don't provide account opening assistance to external client. We don't provide account opening assistance before have recevied your funds.

Do you offer real estate investments solutions thru your fiduciary services ?

Yes, thru ou french division, Immobilier neuf Lille, we offer solutions to invest in real esate such as " Investissement locatif immobilier Lille " and " défiscalisation immobilière Lille ". Don't hesitate to contact for further informations.

Please be informed that at TransAlpha Financial, we don't issue any documents nor signed any agreement nor provide banking's informations until we have verified the transaction (proof of funds or funds' sender letter, etc..)

For further questions, please contact directly one of our office / representative in Andorra or UK.